Saturday, April 16, 2011

Modern Life? Recommends... FILM SACK

Every so often we like to let you know what we are watching, reading or listening to. This time out we’d like to introduce you to Scott Fletcher, Brian Dunnaway, Scott Johnson, Brian Ibbot and Randy Jordan.  Also known as Film Sack. 

In their own words: “Each week, the FilmSack crew picks a strange movie from the bowels of Netflix streaming and splatters it all over your inner ear. Sometimes it’s a long forgotten horror movie from the 70′. Sometimes it’s a under the radar gem of brilliance from last year. One way or the other, this is not your typical movie show.”

Over the past few years they have disected such classics (and personal favs) as Robocop, Big Trouble In Little China, Top Gun and Flash Gordon, awarding Film Sack trophies whilst never straying too far from the Trope alert. Film Sack is by far one of THE best movie podcasts on Itunes right now.

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